Monday, 8 December 2008

Dyeing Day

My residency at Duncan of Jordanstone is begining to wind up. Only a few days left. Today, I dyed metres of fabric for another project. The effects were bizarre: the silk worked fine, but the dye just didn't stick to some of the cotton or felt. I'm sure I put the salt in with them all! Then the washing machine mis behaved and took twice as long and the felt piece in it felted even more. It has a lovely bobbly surface, but it is alot smaller than it started out! So I have several buckets of fabric still in dye overnight. Hopefully it will have worked better second time around. It also gave me a chance to play more with the colours.

I've stopped knitting at the moment (except for the Christmas cards!), after putting the work up for photographing last week. I'm pleased with how it looked, especially when I started projecting images of an earlier projection on top, building up layers of the same image. When the starting image was black and white, it became quite atmospheric, almost haunting in quality.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Illegal parking

Today was a fun day. After a bad night (our youngest ended up in our bed and woke every hour or less due to her cold. She sleeps so much worse than her brothers. Don't know if this is a girl thing or just our girl thing), I wasn't sure how I would manage the big day of finally hanging my work in Centrespace to see if it works. DH had the day off work as it is a new public holiday that the Scottish government is promoting so he came to help. So not only did I get the work up, we had a lovely lunch out at the cafe in the DCA, child free. Not only that, we still had things to talk about, even if it was the children's letters to Santa that they wrote yesterday.

The work seems good now it is hung in a white space. Now I just need to make more of it! Today I hung the knitted pieces and tomorrow I'm going to try the printed textiles and a mixture.
I was able to link up two projects and play with projecting the same image twice, ending up with four yellow lines here. Childish pleasure!
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