Sunday, 17 June 2012

ArtWorks Exhibition

After a fantastic year of Saturday morning kids' art classes, the term came to a close yesterday with our annual exhibition.  It is really satisfying as the tutor (as well as one of the parents!) to see all the work on display and realise just how much the children have achieved over the past year and how some of them have really blossomed artistically.
One of our aims is to offer the kids opportunities to try out things they may not be offered at school and so we have used lots of different materials, including clay, charcoal, collage, painting, drawing, sculpture, inks, printing, weaving, felting and stitching (can you see my textile influences coming through?)
The exhibition was a great success. The kids loved showing off their work to their parents and their parents were suitably impressed.  And Dawn and I as tutors were happy and ready to face doing it all again next year, which wasn't necessarily the situation at half past midnight the evening before when we were still trying to hang all the work!
In addition (as you know how good I am at keeping things simple for myself...), we also had some free art activities for people to try, making spinners, adding to a paper mosaic or making a kinetic foam sculpture as well as running an Art + Craft Fair.  The Art + Craft Fair was a positive addition to the day and it was fantastic to meet so many local artists and makers who had come to display their art.
When it was all over, I collapsed for the remainder of yesterday, but it was all worthwhile.  The local school summer holidays start on Friday and so we have no more art classes until 1 September and I have to admit, I'm looking forward to a break and not having to get up so early on a Saturday for a few weeks!  I also need to start thinking up ideas of things for us to do next year...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Saturday 16th June

Felt made by Ellen Kao

I'm currently working hard pulling together the work for our annual kids art exhibition. The children have created some brilliant work and now it is up to Dawn and I as the tutors to mould it into a great show.

This year we are also having an Art + Craft Fair at the same time. Lots of local artists and makers will be there selling their work, including me. So if you are in the Balfron area next Saturday, please do come by: it's at the McLintock Hall from 10-1. There are also some free activities to try.
Unfortunately as I will be at the exhibition, it means I can't go to the World Textile Day at Bridge of Allan, run by Magie and Bob Relph. It also looks fun. However, it does mean I'll save money as I won't be tempted by their amazing African fabrics or antique embroideries sold by John Gillow!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Creative Handbags Special

Over the last few months, I have been subbing the magazine, Creative Handbags, which goes on sale at WHSmiths on 8th June.  Having taxed my brain in working through the projects to check that they work and are understandable, I fancied having a go at making some.  Here are the three bags I made from one pattern, which really appealed to me.

The fabric for these bags is all from Ikea.  It is cheap and bright and I bought it specially for trying out bags so it doesn't matter if I mess up.  But happily, as I was following the pattern, the bags worked beautifully.  I'm quite tempted to work my way through the Creative Handbag magazine as there are so many lovely bags to choose from and I may not be into high fashion, I do love my bags!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Reasons my own work has been neglected recently ... 1

I've just cut and stitched sleeves on 120 pieces of fabric for people to paint as flags on Tuesday at our village jubilee party.

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