Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Creative Handbags Special

Over the last few months, I have been subbing the magazine, Creative Handbags, which goes on sale at WHSmiths on 8th June.  Having taxed my brain in working through the projects to check that they work and are understandable, I fancied having a go at making some.  Here are the three bags I made from one pattern, which really appealed to me.

The fabric for these bags is all from Ikea.  It is cheap and bright and I bought it specially for trying out bags so it doesn't matter if I mess up.  But happily, as I was following the pattern, the bags worked beautifully.  I'm quite tempted to work my way through the Creative Handbag magazine as there are so many lovely bags to choose from and I may not be into high fashion, I do love my bags!


Margaret said...

Cute! And so very summer-y! :-)

P.S. Saw your article in Art Quilting Studio (Summer 2012)...quite the undertaking, that installation. Well done!

Irene said...

Love those bags! Will take a look in Smiths tomorrow.

Gillian Cooper said...

I really loved some of the bags in this magazine. If only I had time to make more!

Glad you loked the article in Art Quilting Studio, Margaret - I can't wait to see it in print

Maggi said...

Amazing how different the same pattern looks in the different fabric.

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