Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Hunterian Museum, Glasgow


Although I have lived in or near Glasgow most of my life, until recently I had never visited the Hunterian Museum at the University, despite having even been a student there for four years.  I think it was due to my misconception that it was just bits of pickled bodies in jars as Hunter, who started the collection was a medical man.  There are bits of pickled bodies, but not many - most of them are in the Anatomy Museum and I am still very unlikely to venture there!
Hunterian Museum
So I was really pleased to discover the actual contents - which are fascinating - the largest collection of Roman things I've seen in Scotland, relating to the Antonine Wall, stones, fossils, dinosaurs, mummies, pottery - in other words a dream museum for me!  Having made this discovery, last week I took the Diploma students there for a research trip and this week it is the turn of some of the Certificate students.  These are just some snaps I took there.  
From Roman times

For an idea of how to get the most out of a museum research visit, a friend told me the other day she had found my post from two years ago really handy when she went to a new large place as it gave her something to focus on: http://gilliancooper.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/9-top-tips-for-getting-most-out-of.html

Torso of a Roman statue

General View

Surface of an old rock

A special exhibition of sketchbooks from a joint research project

More of the sketchbook pages by Rachel Duckhouse

North American Carved Fish

Detail of an old map

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