Thursday, 10 July 2014

Out & About: Inspiring Yorkshire

Poppy in field
School’s out for summer and, displaying my Cooper genes, I whisked the kids away 20mins after school finished.  Holidays should never be wasted!  
Lots of poppies
We had a glorious week in the North York Moors, with R joining us as weekends, finishing up staying at the in-laws elsewhere in Yorkshire for the start of the Tour de France.
Column in Whitby Abbey
I took lots of ‘inspiration’ photos as you can see.  I also really enjoyed spending a few minutes browsing charity bookshops – we don’t have any here and it is rare I have time when I do go to places with shops just to browse.  R found an old guidebook for a museum in Greece, which had some lovely, exciting images for me.
Drawing from a vase in the Greek Museum Guide.  It doesn't say what museum!

This week has been spent juggling spending time with the children and finishing quilts off to send away for exhibitions.  I’m really relieved to have finished sewing on the sleeves.  Definitely my least favourite part of the process.  But I am pleased they are properly finished and in the post. 
Old wall 
Now to enjoy some of the lovely weather we have been having!

Seeing the yellow jersey of the leader of the Tour de France
Smoke dispersing after the Red Arrows passed over Harewood House

Not good on plant names - but it was pretty

We went to Scarborough Aquarium.  It was the kids' suggestion honest!

The jellyfish were stunning and the kids were very excited on my behalf

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