Sunday, 22 July 2012

Scottish Suitcase Collection by Region 16 of the Quilters' Guild

Golden Delicious by Elma Richmond

Since last posting, I’ve been curled up in a small heap trying to get over colds and dealing with all the end of term shenanigans.On a more positive note, we have also been away on our family holiday, camping in France. It took a week of the holiday for me to unwind; I find it very hard to stop and do nothing, or at least stop and do nothing and not feel guilty about it!The school holidays are now halfway and we are getting excited about our other week away to the Olympics and Legoland and a silly tour of seeing lots of friends down south.

Inside Maeshowe by Christine Mathewson

As R is at home today, I’ve got some time to finally write my article about the Loch Lomond Quilt Show for Popular Patchwork. Looking through my images, I found this group from the new Scottish Suitcase Collection made by Region 16 (Scotland) of the Quilters’ Guild. The brief was for all members to make an A3 sized quilt on the theme ‘Not all Tartan and Shortbread’. There were some wonderful entries and the variety of interpretations of the theme and number of different techniques used were amazing. I helped hang this part of the Loch Lomond Show and we got very distracted examining all the little quilts.

Momento Mori by Frieda Oxenham
Frieda is creating a weekly journal quilt during 2012, mainly inspired by Scottish graveyards.
Safe Haven by Lesley Hurrell

What Lies Beneath, Below and Under by Irene Watson-Craik
Each of the four big bugs can be lifted up to reveal other bugs underneath
A Host of Golden Daffodils by Bonnie McKerracher
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