Monday, 27 April 2009

June's Journal Quilt

Having spent so long making my short bit of fabric, I wasn't going to give up on it! One of my favourite photos from my series from the aquariums is this one, even though there aren't any fishes in it.

I think the black is a wall or something similar, but I just love the patterns of the reflections on the water. Although my final piece looks nothing like this picture, this was the starting point and I still want to go back and do more pieces based on it. It's almost like the edge of the world tipping over into the abyss; how I imagine people thought the ends of the world looked when they thought it was flat not round - I still have trouble explaining that to our six year old!

Technically, I had fun using the twin needle and my old workhorse machine. It really will sew through anything without complaint and isn't fussy about what thread you use either. Sometimes, simple is good.
Next month's needs sunshine and it has just started raining after a really unusually good few weeks here - I hope I haven't missed the boat. Last year summer seemed to be over by mid May in Scotland!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

those 2 1/2inch squares again

Having said this morning in a post, I never wanted to cut another 2 1/2inch square - what did I end up doing this afternoon?

I was making my latest journal quilt and my new machine didn't like the twin needle and I wasn't happy with what I had done, even after I had switched back to the old one, so I cut it up into 2 1/2in squares and sewed it back together again. It wasn't exactly what I was meant to be doing and it is now too short, but I am a lot happier with it, even if I ended up with lots of broken thread, one broken needle and lots of 2 1/2inch squares.

Easter Break

Making the Shelter pieces

Well, it should have been a time for the family and it was... in between manically making my mystery quilt (next time I'm starting with larger squares - I never want to cut another 2 1/2inch square again!) and sewing my large shelter pieces.

Details of the Shelter pieces

The Easter Egg Hunt started early in our household when on Saturday evening, DH and I couldn't remember where we had hidden the eggs. One hour later (precious lost work time!), and in mega panic mode as by this time even the Co-op had shut, so it would look like the Easter Bunny had forgotten the little darlings, he found them at the bottom of his wardrobe. Chocolate was enjoyed by all!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Tshirt success

I've just made my first sale on the internet. A lovely lady bought one of my t-shirts on the website folksy. It's really exciting to actually make a sale. I started making these t-shirts for my own monsters and then their friends and when I put some of my more serious stuff for sale on the internet , I thought I would also try some of the more fun stuff too. She seems to like it as well! I was so pleased that I rushed it round the post office and forgot to take a photo of it - so this is one that I made for a friend's daughter.

I've also listed items on the American website Etsy, as gillcooper and gummybears, but no bites there so far. I think I need to spend more time on marketing and setting it up properly - all important things that take time away from stitching the work that still needs to be finished for the Loch Lomond Show. The monsters have been playing under the drying fabric... glad it is amusing someone.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Quality Quilting?

We had one of our rare 'proper' editorial meetings for Popular Patchwork the other week, where we gathered from across the country and sat down together and discussed where the magazine is going and what should be featured. It's really enjoyable to feel part of a team when we all work from home in front of our computers normally and send emails. There's also lots of exciting things going on. One of the discussions we had was how to get the word quilting more prominent on the cover. I couldn't come up with any great phrases and my best offering was 'quality quilting'. I'm not expecting that to feature any time soon!

On the making front, the Shelter pieces are developing, but more slowly than I expected. It's taking more time to add the blanket ribbon than I thought would be needed to add the ribbon and finish everything thing. It's getting a bit tedious, so I'm hiding typing this, ignoring the large piece of semi pinned brushed cotton, silk and blanket ribbon that has taken over the living room floor. I still haven't got one of them complete and I've got five still to do. However, they do look good with fabric over them - like ghosts or wraiths - even I was spooked and I made them.

This photo is of my May journal quilt for PP - lots of torn fabric scraps and some beads on top. Another outcome of our editorial meeting is that we are definitely having a stand at the Festival of Quilts and my journal quilts are going to be on show there (unless we are absolutely inundated with reader ones), so I'm going to have to get finishing them better so that they stand up to our readers closer inspection.
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