Monday, 6 April 2009

Tshirt success

I've just made my first sale on the internet. A lovely lady bought one of my t-shirts on the website folksy. It's really exciting to actually make a sale. I started making these t-shirts for my own monsters and then their friends and when I put some of my more serious stuff for sale on the internet , I thought I would also try some of the more fun stuff too. She seems to like it as well! I was so pleased that I rushed it round the post office and forgot to take a photo of it - so this is one that I made for a friend's daughter.

I've also listed items on the American website Etsy, as gillcooper and gummybears, but no bites there so far. I think I need to spend more time on marketing and setting it up properly - all important things that take time away from stitching the work that still needs to be finished for the Loch Lomond Show. The monsters have been playing under the drying fabric... glad it is amusing someone.

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