Thursday, 15 December 2011

New work


This is my latest finished piece.  I've called it 'Synergy'.  Its approximately 20cm wide by a metre long.  I've been playing around with patterns found on some Ancient Goddess sculptures and my figures.  The patterns started from a book called The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe by Marija Gimbutas, which Mags Ramsay recommended on her blog after seeing my show at the Festival of Quilts.  I love the patterns in it and have played around with them to make them my own.
Part of the reason for making this piece was to try out the embroidery unit of  my Pfaff sewing machine.  The software is driving me nuts, but that's because I want it to instantly create what is in my mind, rather than me spending the time getting acquainted with the software and understanding how it works.  The potential is amazing and hopefully at some point over the holidays I will start at the beginning and learn how to use it properly rather than diving in and expecting to be able to swim straight away.  Still, I am quite pleased with this piece.  I used Aurifil variegated thread to stitch the figures and went over them several times.  Often I find variegated thread a bit of a challenge to use cleverly, but this time, it worked well.

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