Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Loch Lomond Quilt Show

So, I’ve finally done it. My Shelter pieces are installed and are open to be visited as part of the Loch Lomond Quilt Show until Saturday. The last few weeks have, as normal, been very busy. I’ve been trying to get these finished for the show and praying that they would fit in the car. It was very tight on Sunday evening and wI had no real viable back up plan, but with help from our friendly neighbour and his Land Rover, we just managed to put all six of them into the two cars to bring to Vale of Leven Baptist Church, Alexandria. There was no room for anyone else in the car apart from me!

There were a few hiccups as you would expect with the installation (no one there to open up, so they had to be taken elsewhere overnight for storage!), but now they are in place and look good. I have to stop referring to them as people, but I do feel that they are having a conversation or a dialogue with each other.

Visitors’ reactions so far have been positive and friendly, which is nice. I’m in a room at the back of the church and you get a great view of the work as you walk in the door. You can’t see me when you see them first of all, so I could hear the initial honest reactions. Luckily, there was nothing bad; they ranged from 'Oh, my god!' to several 'Wow!'s
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