Thursday, 19 February 2009


What is DH going to say when he comes home and sees what I've done to the back yard in the name of art? I had to spray paint these metal frames which form the spines of my Shelter series and the grass will be too wet until too late, so I had to use the yard instead. Today was the first time I was able to spray them since they were made weeks ago given the snow and the rain. I'm still high on the fumes! You can see what the finished pieces will look like on the Loch Lomond Quilt Show website, where they are going to be shown in May. ( Once the effects of the spray paint have worn off, I can start making the fabric 'covers'!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Back to work

Despite the fun in the snow, I have done some work - honest! Big excitement at the weekend when I picked up masses of fabric for a mystery quilt I am making for Popular Patchwork. It's a mystery, so I can't tell you much about it, but here is my box of fabric. It was in a much smaller box when it arrived, beautifully folded, but I've got my paws on it now and it is heading towards chaotic jumble. The quilt is going to be big - double bed sized, so there is lots of cutting and sewing to be done. I got started today, despite having stood on and broken my indestructible cutting ruler. Ooops.

I also remembered that Saturday is Valentines Day and as I did a big nothing last year, thought I better make an effort this year. This is a little card and gift bag. Only problem is I have nothing to go in the gift bag. One day to get something and I am passing one possible shop - it just has to be small enough to fit. Here's hoping.

Snow Time

At long last we had some snow! I got very excited and we did make a snowman, but it wasn't enough to close the schools and roads, so it was kind of a normal day, except the oldest monster was off school sick. He was well enough to play with the sledge in the garden though and the baby loved being pulled around. She sat regally demanding us to drag the sledge where she wanted to go. What fun. Sometimes work just has to take a back seat.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The next journal quilt

So far so good - I've just finished by third journal quilt and it is only a few days late. This time involved painting the fabric with acrylic. I then machine quilted the fabric and added the two fish in thread. The image doesn't show the subtlety of the colour of the fishes. Not sure it is a technique that I would set out to try again, but it is always useful to try something new.
I'm trying to get ahead of myself for next month and have already started the next one. That doesn't guarantee it will be finished on time though! There's a fair amount happening over the next few weeks, so I'm just grabbing the chance whilst I have it.

Monday, 2 February 2009

I'm sitting at the computer itching to be in the studio creating, but I need to do some editing and write some proposals. I haven't had much luck on proposals recently, so I'll fill you in on them (if and) when I'm successful. I'm trying positive thinking.

I had a 15 minutes break and did some very basic monoprinting on to fabric for this month's journal quilt. I need to find some more colours to make them a bit brighter once the paint has dried.

Following on from my last entry, I discovered I had been using the wrong sort of paper. I've now found freezer paper and have got my piece all laid out ready to sew - once I've built up the courage and I have a spare five minutes!
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