Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Scottish Sunsets

Things have been a bit quiet on the work front recently as the school holidays have begun in Scotland.  To celebrate we went away camping for the first week for the first time with the kids in our own tent.  We had a lovely week - the mountains are really wild and beautiful when you head up north.  I have to admit though, I did sit one evening with my glass of wine looking at Cairngorm rising up behind some fir trees and think how much more I would be appreciating it if it were in Switzerland or abroad.  For me, I think going to a foreign country heightens my awareness and appreciation of things!
These photos are from our campsite just noth of Ullapool.  The sunset was fantastic and I took these five metres from our tent.  There was a whole line of photographers all along the fence marvelling at the light.  The rainbow was over the hill and stunning in the fading sun.  Of course, a rainbow means rain and a few minutes later we had to run into the tent as the rain reached us!  I hadn't been to this area of Scotland before and I now understand why there are so many paintings with little white cottages with black roofs.  They really help bring a landscape alive.
To add to the excitement, our tent got blown out on our final day but it hasn't put us off.  We're off again in a few weeks.
Oh, I've also had to reluctantly put on comment monitoring as I have been getting so many spam comments.  Please don't let that put you off leaving a comment - I love to know what you think!
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