Sunday, 9 December 2012

Facebook page

Do you know I’ve now set up my facebook page as an artist?  Please go over to facebook and have a look and ‘like’ it, if you like it!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Going round in circles

Made by the third class, aged 6-9
Made by the second class aged 6&7

Over a number of weeks at our Saturday morning kids art classes, we have been going round in circles...  It was the longest project we have ever tried and we looked at some fantastic artwork which used circles, then painted ‘targets’, cut them up reassembled them, made circular prints, printed sheets using circles. The kids collaged their individual pieces together so each class made a 1m square piece, which was attached to canvases, kindly funded by Balfron Community Council.

Made by the first class aged 5&6
Made by the fourth class aged 9-12

I had no real idea how they would turn out.  I knew how it would turn out if I did it and had some fun playing around with the ideas myself.  But these weren’t my artworks, they belonged to the children and so of course they are all very different.  They’ve taken a while for me to finish – I offered to do the final gluing down and varnishing (more fool me – it took ages!).  When they were in my studio being finished, I wasn’t totally convinced by all of them, probably because I had spent too long trying to finish them!  However, now they are up on the walls of the McLintock Hall, I’m really pleased with how they look and think the kids did a great job (they are all aged between 5-14).

in progress

some of our circle prints

Making a print sheet using potatoes and stamps

I am very relieved that they are finally in place as it means I can get on with some of my own work now!


Monday, 3 December 2012


Susan Ross
Threadlines is a group, which like many others, has grown out a class.  The group enjoyed the class so much that Ruth Higham, the tutor, ran an extra year of classes for them, before deciding to give up and join them as a member of the group.

Gina Watson

Although they liked meeting up and making once a month, they decided they needed a goal and so someone had the mad/great idea of creating an exhibition for the West End Festival.  They had started dyeing using indigo and thought this was the way to go.  They got Jane Callender, an indigo and shibori specialist to teach them the finer points of the craft and they couldn’t speak highly enough of her and her teaching. 

Carolyn MacGillivray

Their work is well underway and it was fantastic to see some of it on Friday.  I was really impressed by their skill and dedication.  They are all preparing three large hangings, which will be predominately indigo, numerous smaller pieces and a jacket.  I can’t wait to see the finished results!

The indigo vat

Fabric wrapped round a pole, dipped in the indigo

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