Monday, 12 December 2011

House for an Art Lover Christmas Show

The House for An Art Lover is a Charles Rennie Macintosh designed building in Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.  It has a lovely feeling at this time of year, a real warm, cosy atmosphere, which is just what we need on a cold, dark and damp December day in Scotland.

I have this piece in its Christmas exhibition (£100 in case anyone wants an original Christmas gift!).  There are lots of other lovely works too, including a piece by by Dad's art tutor, Elaine Woo MacGregor.  I think he now believes I might be a real artist now I have a piece in the same show as her!

The opening was Thursday evening and we had intended to go, although there were rumbles of protest from two of the little monsters as it was a 'mulled wine and mince pie' private view, which meant no crisps.  They rate private views based on the nibbles.  However, Thursday was an incredibly stormy day, with the school closing at 10.15 in the morning.  Most of the roads around here were blocked due to fallen trees and flooding, so we decided it probably wasn't the wisest thing to do.  Instead we had a candlelit dinner (for five) and the kids played with glowsticks in the hall as we had a power cut.  We were lucky as it lasted less than a day, enough to be fun for the children but not so long as to get very cold.


Margaret said...

Oh! Be still my heart! I was there in May of 2007 -- and now you are in a show there. Oh...wish I could see it! (I have a fondness for all things CRM. My maiden name is 'Rennie' -- my father's family originated in and around Kilsyth -- and CRM as a young man bore a strong resemblance to my grandfathe; later in life he bore a strong resemblance to my dad -- so I keep hoping someday I'll find a link between CRM's mother and my family...) Best wishes for the show -- and for Christmas and the coming year!

Maggi said...

Congratulations on getting the piece into the exhibition. I do hope that it sells.

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