Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Quilters’ Guild Library

Last Saturday I spent a really lovely day at the Quilters’ Guild Library in York, researching quilt blocks and their stories.  It is housed in a lovely room just off the exhibition hall, with a pleasant view of old brick buildings and roofs out of the window.

I was helped by Hugette, one of the fabulous and enthusiastic volunteers who enable the library and the museum to function.  I wish I lived closer so I could use the library more and help out by volunteering.  Unfortunately, five hours of travel to get there make it logistically impossible!

I stupidly forgot to bring squared paper and was trying to draw some of the blocks freehand.  It provided me with new respect for the authors of the pre-1980 quilt books I was looking at, as they had all drawn the blocks by hand, in the days before computers could do it for us.  Those were the days of true dedication!

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Maggi said...

I really must try to get up to York one day. I am much closer than you so no excuse.

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