Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Successes and Failures

So what’s been happening in my world recently?  Not much art work as I would like, but hopefully all that is going to change over the next week and as I am aiming to get back into producing and spending less time on proposals and trying to get my work out there.
I’ve lost track of the number of proposals I written in the last month or so, which is probably just as well as I still have not developed the completely thick skin required to deal with the rejections.  Rejections are an inevitable part of being an artist, so you would think it wouldn’t bother me, but they do.  The other week I had a spectacular five rejections in one week. 
Trying not to take it personally and looking at it dispassionately is obviously the right thing to do, but it is easier said than done!  The hardest bit is not knowing why you didn’t get the work/exhibition.  Were you the next person on the list or did they look at your proposal and laugh?  Some people are kind enough to give you feedback and so last week’s one rejection almost felt positive as it was due to me living too far away and the travel costs were prohibitive.  It was hearten to know that the proposal itself was fine.
So in the midst of the gloom and writing proposals about audiences and learning outcomes, it was delightful to know that two of my photos were accepted and on show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, USA last week.  The theme was friendship and rather than suggest images of two kids looking happy, I sent photos of rocks, waves and castles, with a vague explanation of why they were appropriate to the theme.  I think this is the imaginative part of being an artist!  These two photos were the two that were accepted.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having the photos accepted. Rejection is certainly easier when it comes with a valid reason.

friedaquilter said...

So sorry to hear about your bad week but you have definitely made mine a very good week indeed with the wonderful article in Popular Patchwork. I'm deeply impresses and can only say a very heartfelt THANK YOU!!!
Congratulations on having your photos accepted.

Gillian Cooper said...

Glad you liked the article Frieda. Your work is fantastic and I meant what I said in it. I haven't seen it yet. Hopefully my copy will arrive tomorrow.

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