Sunday, 2 October 2011

Features in October's Popular Patchwork

One of the strange things about writing for a living can be the time gap between writing and actually seeing your words in print.  I wrote the article about the Loch Lomond Quilt Show a few months back, but as Popular Patchwork had so many articles to publish, it is finally appearing now.  It's a quick tour around some of the personal highlights of the show, some of which I mentioned in a blog post in May.  Seeing my photos of these quilts in print is great as it reminds me of how good the show was and how much I still enjoy seeing these quilts. 

Also in this issue is a bit of fun from me.  Sally, the then editor, asked me to write an article about Humility Blocks.  These are deliberate errors made in quilts to show that the maker is no perfect.  This seems to be a relatively recent phenomenon, based on the mis-guided view that this is what quilters of old did.  Illustrating the piece was interesting as how do show humility blocks unless it is something you practice and have a big pile of quilts with deliberate errors in them?  So I opened up my trusty EQ7 software package again and made some designs to which I added deliberate errors.  As I didn't note them down at the time, I was a bit nervous when I opened the magazine and Mum and I tried to spot the error.  Some of them were harder than others and it took us a good 10 mins, but I did find them all in the end.  Can you spot the deliberate error in the quilt layout below?

In addition to my work, there is also a great article on the quilt collection of Cindy Rennels, which all have an American patriotic feel to them. 


Irene said...

Blowed if I can see the deliberate mistake Gillian!! Irene B

Frieda said...

Thank you for sharing this process.

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