Sunday, 10 June 2012

Saturday 16th June

Felt made by Ellen Kao

I'm currently working hard pulling together the work for our annual kids art exhibition. The children have created some brilliant work and now it is up to Dawn and I as the tutors to mould it into a great show.

This year we are also having an Art + Craft Fair at the same time. Lots of local artists and makers will be there selling their work, including me. So if you are in the Balfron area next Saturday, please do come by: it's at the McLintock Hall from 10-1. There are also some free activities to try.
Unfortunately as I will be at the exhibition, it means I can't go to the World Textile Day at Bridge of Allan, run by Magie and Bob Relph. It also looks fun. However, it does mean I'll save money as I won't be tempted by their amazing African fabrics or antique embroideries sold by John Gillow!

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Maggi said...

Hope it all goes well. There should be a wallet warning attached to John Gillow!

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