Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Last week was a busy week, setting up for two exhibitions which both opened on Saturday. The oldest monster had fun in the woods on Tuesday whilst I held the bottom of a ladder and let other people do the difficult winding of fabric round the trees. I wish I was better with heights! When we returned on the Wednesday, I was relieved they were still in place despite the never ending wind and rain the previous night. They were then firmly attached with staples, just to make sure. Again I held the bottom of the ladder whilst others did the work. As I had all three children with me, I spent the entire time worrying that one of them would end up in the stream, which was incredibly full for the end of July - it had as much water as in the middle of winter. Normally it would now be rather dry.
Friday was spent at Pittenweem hanging the aquarium pieces. I was really pleased with how they looked in the end, with good lighting and against a white wall. It was the oldest monster's seventh birthday that day and we celebrated with fish and chips for dinner by the harbour in the rain. That weather again! We called it an 'adventure'! But all in all, I think he had a good day, which started with birthday cake for breakfast. During the private view, DH took the monsters round lots of the different venues, whilst I stayed put. It looked a great exhibition from the little I saw. Next year, I want to go back and see more of it. I love the idea of the entire village being taken over by art for a week, with every possible space being used, from gardens, garages to other people's front rooms as well as the more traditional galleries.

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maggi said...

Love the idea of wrapping the trees, very brave in the current weather. The pieces look stunning in the exhibition setting

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