Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bringing the knit inside

The exhibition at the forest in Aberfoyle has finished and so it was time to remove the tree 'scarves'.  It was remarkably easy to unwind them and they were in surprisingly good condition.  Surprisingly no-one challenged us as we pulled the work from the trees.  Maybe the ladder made it look like we were meant to be doing it or did I just look like 'that sort of person'?!  There were some little beasties crawling across it, leaving silvery slug trails and some tree resin, especially where the staples had been, but no other major changes.  In fact, the biggest change was after I washed then as they felted some more and are now even shorter.
I loved having the work outside and recently I saw some images in a book (The Culture of Knitting by Jo Turney), of gigantic knitted cobwebs hanging between trees, which looked fantastic.  I hope I get the chance to sculpt some other knit for an outdoor exhibition again.

PS No little beasties were knowingly harmed or washed.   Can't tell you what they were as I'm not up on creepy crawlies.


maggi said...

Fantastic that they survived so well. I'll forgive you for the photo of the slug!! Do you have anything in mind for them now?
I like the idea of the cobwebs between the trees.

Trekky said...

Looks great, wish I had popped up to see them. They survived well considering the recent weather!

Gillian Cooper said...

I haven't anything in mind for them at the moment - our trees are just babies so they wouldn't work on them. I'm resisting the temptation to use them as scarves in our current bad weather! I'm definitely open to ideas

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