Friday, 30 August 2013

Inspiration: Pinterest Friday: Ancient Figures

I’ve finally joined the Pinterest brigade and could spend many hours looking at gorgeous and inspiring images.  If used well (as opposed to a way of playing on the computer, pretending to be useful!), it is a great research tool.  I’m still making work based on ancient goddess figures and was amazed at how many amazing images were out there – I had performed numerous internet searches when I first got interested and was rewarded with scant pickings.  However, 15mins on Pinterest and there was sufficient imagery to last me ages. 
Ancient Figures at the Ashmolean

I know there is an ongoing debate about copyright and pinning on Pinterest, so I’ve only included a screenshot of my board.  You can see the whole thing here.  Just to whet your appetite I’ve also included a couple of images that I took myself at the Ashmolean in Oxford and the Burrell Collection in Glasgow.
At the Burrell
I’m hoping to make this a regular Friday feature, which gives me an excuse to waste/spend time on Pinterest!  Have you got addicted yet?
At the Burrell
At the Burrell

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