Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Studio makeover all over, so let the work commence

The new look TIDY studio
I promise this will be my last post about tidying my studio because.... IT’S FINISHED!!!!  Okay, you still can’t access the shower in the spare bedroom, but no-one needs to for another three weeks, so that’s fine.
Part of my bookcase, with organised books
I am writing this at one of my lovely new desks, sitting on a very comfortable new swivel seat, surrounded by all my things, which are in all the right places, apart from what is currently being used.  I am definitely having that post tidy up problem of not being able to find anything as I reorganised where most things went, but at least I had the foresight to stick ugly labels besides everything to remind myself.
Useful window ledge
Tidying and cleaning are not talents I’ve ever shone at and having reached the ripe old age of 40+something, I have decided to live with it rather than get upset at the mess and my inability to deal with it.  But... having got it this tidy and with teaching from my home, I’m looking forward to the minimum standard of tidiness and cleanliness being significantly higher than over the last five years.  Fingers crossed anyway.
Very ugly labeling
One delight of tidying up (and it has been this way for me, ever since my teens), is rediscovering lost books, or even, books I had forgotten I even owned.  This time was no exception and I was thrilled to see these two resurface.
Rediscovered book 1
Rediscovered book 2

Right.  Tidying - done.  Notes written for first class on Friday – done.  Time to get back to the fun stuff of creating!

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irene macwilliam said...

I think the Keith Smith books are fantastic, I was bowled over when I first met them
Envious of your studio.

Gillian Cooper said...

It's the only Keith Smith book I have - bought in Boston c1997. I vaguely remember there being some more and wish I had bought them now!
Studio is lovely and it will be so great to share with others through teaching in it (and sharing the Keith Smith book)

Nina Fenner said...

I can really relate to this, I'm not at all naturally tidy, but I've been trying really hard recently!
I've got one of keith smith's books, SO much information in it, I can keep reading it over and over. I love Alice Kettles work too.

Gillian Cooper said...

It seems to take so much effort, doesn't it Nina! I must search out more of Keith Smith's books after such recommendations

Maggi said...

I have one of Keith Smith's books too, excellent, although I have been informed by a friend who has the same one, that there are errors in it.

I'm not naturally tidy but I do love it when everything looks neat - I keep trying but it doesn't last long, especially when I open a box of silk organza and it just explodes all over everywhere!

Gillian Cooper said...

That's funny Maggi as I have stuffed my remaining patches of silk organza into a small tub and I know it will go everywhere when I open it!

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