Thursday, 28 May 2015

Design Day workshop in the Studio

Susan's piece from kitchen utensils
Last Friday I finally remembered to take photos of the class – hurrah!  It was ‘Design Day’.  It was a great day, painting and dancing at the same time; experimenting with different media and seeing which ones people preferred (not always the ones I expected); making completely random pictures and finding interesting patterns from unpromising material (kitchen utensils!).
Creating random pictures
Many of my friends think I’m a bit nuts, but for me it was a great way to spend a Friday helping to take away the fear of designing and I was really impressed by some of the pieces created.  Fantastic designs for new textile pieces. 
Scaling up and changing media

Tomorrow is ‘Stitch Day’, the last of this session as I need to then get the studio ready for Open Studios, which starts on Saturday 6 June.  I’m going to be demonstrating my working processes as well as having work displayed for sale, especially as I have a couple of pieces I want to get made.  As I write, I’ve got fabric sitting on the radiator drying so it can then be taken to the next stage.  Can’t quite believe that at the end of May it is cold enough to justify having the radiators on!  Still it does make drying my fabric quicker.  Photos of these pieces coming soon.
Louise's drawing from utensils

One of the random pictures


Maggi said...

Ido like the drawings from the utensils. The second one looks more like fantasy flowers. Good luck with the Open Studios. Hope you are now basking in the sun too.

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Maggi. I'm getting ready for the Open Studios now but no luck on the weather - currently 10degrees and raining. I want summer!

Margaret Cooter said...

Kitchen implements - unpromising as a design source? Hardly! Have a look at the assemblages of Arman - I recently saw "A spoon for mummy, a spoon for daddy" and immediately wanted to design with spoons!

It's shown just past the halfway mark on this website -

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Margaret - interesting link - I think kitchen implements are fascinating, but suspect that many people would never think to use them for design - they believe they have to had amazing holidays for inspiration

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