Monday, 6 July 2015

Inspiration: Tynemouth Priory

Tynemouth Priory on a gorgeous summer's day
Last week the kids and I headed down to Whitley Bay for a couple of days to visit family.  Keeping up the great family tradition imbued in me by my parents, we had to do something too.  So this time we visited Tynemouth Priory.  Although I have been visiting the area for over 40 years (gosh, I’m getting old), I don’t ever remember going there.  It is well worth a visit as there are layers of history: churches built, expanded, turned into a castle, a lighthouse, used as gunning positions, and a coastguard station, before becoming a visitor attraction.
I just loved this rusting detail on the chapel door
We explored the ruins and as we didn’t have much time, I just took photos rather than drawing, but I’d love to return and do some proper drawings one day. 

The sunlight through the stained glass made a lovely pattern on the floor

The circular stained glass was gorgeous, even if my phone camera didn't capture it very well
A worn down gravestone, after years of weathering from the salt air and wind

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Maggi said...

Plenty of future inspiration there.

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