Monday, 18 January 2016

Things to do with Gelli Plate Prints - 2 Make Books

Folded Book with pockets and cover
Following on from last month’s post of making sketchbook covers from gelli plate prints (see here), how about making actual books from them? 
I tend to make lots of prints in one go and to be honest, for every print I see potential as an artwork, there are at least two others which, if I can put it politely, are only suitable as backgrounds or to be printed over again.  Many of these are on paper as you need less ink to print on paper compared with fabric, so often my second print is on paper.  Also, if I am demonstrating quickly, the results may be less impressive and on paper.  For how to gelli plate print, see here.
So as you can see, I have a large pile of paper prints to be used.  Making little books is a great way of using them up.  And it doesn’t need to be difficult.   A sheet of paper cut in two, joined to make a long strip, then concertina folded can be really effective.  
Concertina book
All the books I’ve made are blank so far, but at some point, I will use some as sketchbooks, others may have photos added as special photo albums and some of the simple ones may be turned into fancy birthday cards.
Japanese Stab Bound Book
This one has pages made from prints on copier paper, but the outside is made from slightly thicker card.  I’ve then bound it together using a Japanese stab binding and put little beads on the end of the binding threads.
Inside of Japanese Stab Bound Book
You can make traditional books in sections, like this one.  
Traditional Bound Book
It is four sections (or signatures), each with four sheets folded in half and then stitched together.  At some point, I will add a cover.
No Stitch Book from one sheet of paper
These little ones are made from one sheet, with no stitching required, folding the paper into 8, cutting in the middle and then folding up again.  I’ve also folded up the bottom of the page to make a little pocket-like structure.

Lots of ideas, but this still leaves me with a huge pile of prints – more makes coming soon!
Long Narrow Book on top of Japanese Stab Bound Book


irene macwilliam said...

I have found that I prefer the ghost print to the first pull off the gelli plate. Like you I found myself with a pile of papers. I binned them this week as I was tidying ready for an important visit to my studio/sewing room. However like you I will soon have another pile of papers so will watch and learn from what you do with them.
Thanks I always enjoy your postings

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Irene. I agree that the second or 'ghost' print is often better, which can be a bit frustrating when there isn't enough ink on the plate for that one to be on fabric. Unlike you, I struggle to bin these paper prints and end up moving piles of stuff from my studio to another room when I have visitors or students in!

Maggi said...

I can't bear to throw the papers away either and so now I really must start to do something with all the books!

Gillian Cooper said...

So many possibilities, Maggi, but like fabric you always need to make more as you don't have exactly the right one!

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