Monday, 15 February 2016

Faux chenille or layer and slash update

Faux chenille after washing and fluffing
It's that time again in the C&G course when I have to demonstrate faux chenille.  I really enjoyed trying it out last time, so was keen to make more samples this time.  You can see instructions on my blog from last time here.  Here I'm going to tell you what new things I discovered this time.
The stitched fabric before cutting
This time, I had some cheap polycotton sheets and used these for four layers.  I got out my scrap bag and put pieces of brighter colours in between the layers, especially under the top one.  
Cut fabric before washing - so much flatter than after washing
For the first sample, I tried using thick thread for the top stitching.  It did look good before I washed it, but to be honest, it was kind of lost when it was all fluffed up, so not worth the extra effort.  
Stitching with the thicker thread, front and back
For the bottom layer of fabric, I used black and the thread on the underside was a variegated one.  It looks good against the black.  On the second one, I used a grey thread for some of it on the bottom and it doesn't look as effective.
The Clover cutter
I timed myself making it, and the first one from start to finished slashing took 4 hours.  It is approximately 20in (50cm) square.  Some of my students were surprised at how long it took, until they tried for themselves!  There is an awful lot of stitching in it and cutting the layers with scissors was hard on the wrists.
After that, I decided I really needed to try a proper chenille cutter and my friend Marjory recommended the Clover one.  It is fabulous.  It just tears through the layers of fabric and it took me half the time.  Wish I had bought one years ago!
For fluffing up, as I still don't have a tumble drier, I used a clean kitchen non-stick scouring sponge.  It seemed to work well.
Clover Slasher in action
Eventually I want to make a quilt using lots of these squares, but given everything else I have to at the moment, it may be sometime.  I really want to try playing with the patterns you can make and not just running diagonally across each square.  So many ideas and so little time! At least with the second C&G Certificate group starting a few weeks ago, I will have the opportunity to demonstrate it again soon.
The second piece


Maggi said...

Lovely pieces and it's always good to know that even the most experienced can still learn new tricks. I like the cutter, the one part that has always put me off from doing more in this technique. And I don't have a tumble dryer either!

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Maggi. The cutter is really wonderful - it makes it so much easier and a lot less strain on the wrists. We had the choice between a tumble dryer and a second fridge and the fridge won. Means I don't have to go to the supermarket very often!

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