Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Journal Quilt

It's back to work after the Christmas break. December seems to have whizzed by due to Christmas, kids and the flu. Yesterday I was really virtuous and finally finished my tax return, so today as a treat I spent several hours in the studio.

As part of my Popular Patchwork work, I have committed to making a journal quilt each month of the year, following the technique we give the magazine. Due to publication dates, January's was made in late November as I was leading the technique: using bondaweb and lots of bits of fabric. My deadline for finishing February's is Friday so I got the embellisher out of the box (thank you Pfaff) and made my February version. The technique was meant to be about using Lutradur and painting on fabric, but I took the layering and cutting back ideas from it and used a shape from a jellyfish image to repeat.

I like the technique, but I think this piece is missing something to pull it together. I will probably spend the rest of today pondering what the missing bit is. Still I am pleased to have managed two months - only ten to go. I struggle to keep new year's resolutions, but as I committed myself in print, I am hoping that this year I will succeed.

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