Friday, 16 January 2009

Tidy up

I haven't got much work done this week as I have been trying to tidy up my studio. It had reached the point where I was struggling to open the door. I am still struggling to open the door, but at least I can walk across some of the floor and can see one of my tables. It's going to take weeks and as soon as I start a new project, it will descend into chaos again as when I am working it never seems important to tidy up as I go along...
On the plus side though, I did manage to complete the End of Project Monitoring Forms for the Scottish Arts Council, so hopefully I will receive the final payment soon and those nice people at Husqvarna Viking are letting me keep the embellisher machine for a bit longer. I've really enjoyed using it and pounding the fabric with the electric needles.
I've also finally got my website online - hurrah!

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