Sunday, 2 May 2010

Endless machine quilting

Hurrah!  I've finished the basic machine quilting on my latest piece.  I remember being driven to hospital to have my second child, telling Richard that if I ever even vaguely consider having a third child remind me how much I hate pregnancy and shoot me so I wouldn't do anything so stupid.  I think I feel that way about using an all over free maching pattern on a large quilt.  It's the first time I've tried it (the quilt is currently 40 x 80in, but it is going to be cropped) and I think that for the next piece more variety is needed - if only so I feel I am getting somewhere.  This has taken me the full month of April to do, working on it most days.  My control of the machine has improved hugely which is fab and it is worth it just for that.  The quilt is still not finished, but the majority of the repetitive work is.
However, don't take me at my word when I say never again ... our third child is testament to that!

detail of the quilting


maggi said...

Lovely piece so far. I know how long it takes so I sympathise.

PatchworkQuilting said...

Gillian you are so funny!
I think all of us, especially quilters with 3 kids and lots of UFO's can sympathize!

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