Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wave power

Whilst pondering my ideas of forgotten goddesses and looking at ancient statues, I realised I wanted to add in some idea of time passing in my work. How things change and yet they don't. Once we are gone the sea will still be there, crashing the waves onto little changing rocks. For our February half term holiday, we went to the Northumbrian coast, an area of amazing beauty and mesmerising seas. These photos were taken yards from where we stayed - it was even sunny for a few days.  It was a lovely break; very relaxing and we did little except let the children fill their wellies with water each day (how did they manage it?!) and enjoy the wood burning stove at night. I love being by the sea and was already missing the sound of it before we had even reached home. Now I have to work out how to incorporate the waves into this work.

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