Sunday, 27 March 2011

FAB Felt Made

Busy people of all ages making small felt pieces

Wow, our free felt making workshop in the village was quite an event on Saturday morning!  We had more than 100 people come in and make felt, the majority for the first time.  There were so many people that we kept having to put out more tables for them to work at and then so many more, that the visitors started putting the tables up themselves as we couldn't keep up with showing the tables and demonstrating felt at the same time.  I don't have many pictures, because I didn't get much time to take any -  I was too busy helping people to make felt.  It was lovely to see some many people involved and enjoying making felt.  It really is so tactile and genuinely suitable for all: the youngest person there was only 4 weeks, although she didn't make anything, but a 2 year old did.
Lots of people made small individual pieces, which they took home - I suggested to many it would make a great gift for Mothers Day next Sunday (unfortunately, I was too busy to make any for my own mum - Sorry Mum!), -  many made little felt balls, which could be cut open later to reveal their jewel like colours and lots contributed to a large scale hanging, which is going to be displayed in our local health centre, when I stitch on the hanging mechanism.
Covering the large piece ready to felt
The large piece has an underwater theme and it was great to see adults as well as children contribute, in all the stages of laying out the background, add the fish and the felting.  It is now out of my bath, where I had been washing out the soap and is drying slowly.
Felting on a large scale
To get in the mood for the event, I made my own large piece, which I will be revealing shortly when it is finished.  It is felted, but I still want to stitch on it to complete it.  It was helpful for the big event, even if only to tell me that making it on the floor was a bad and back breaking idea - we used tables for the workshop.  We don't have a big enough table at home, but that may guide the maximum size of felt I am willing to make in the future!
It's been a busy few days as it was also our youngest's 4th birthday on Thursday and we held her birthday party this morning.  We forgot that the clocks went forward today, so it was an early start than anticipated to get things ready for 10.30 (9.30 in the old time is far too early for a Sunday!).  They all had fun painting mugs, decorating cakes and running round the garden.  I'm now exhausted!

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