Sunday, 3 April 2011

My exciting new studio

The inside of my new studio

... is a work in progress!  After six years of dreaming and a year of planning, work is finally well underway.  Our old garage is being converted into a studio and a new garage is being built in the front garden.  The building work should be completed in the next two to three weeks and then I need to start work on making the new room into my studio.

The view from the outside

We also need to refill the new garage with the junk that came from the old one - we have no intention of using it for the car - but bikes and cardboard boxes and the store of art work by the kids at our Saturday morning classes at ArtWorks.

The worksite with the new garage on the right

My current studio bombsite

As you can see from my embarrassing current studio photo, I really need the new one!  I am determined to keep it tidier and more organised (honest!).  Whilst I'm not the tidiest creature on earth, my studio has been out of control basically from day one as I didn't have time to organise it when we moved in (I was very pregnant with our middle child and then no.3 arrived 18 months later).  So this is a great chance.  I am so looking forward to it.  I have dreams of this lovely tidy, bright and airy studio - and I am going to move my things in slowly so it can be sorted as I go.  I'm also looking forward to what surprises I will discover in my old space as I dig deeper into the cupboards and boxes and find bits and bobs that I had forgotten about!

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