Friday, 29 April 2011

When in doubt, ask a builder

Our building work is almost finished now and I'm really excited about moving into my new studio. I am slightly concerned by some of the logistical problems. We decided that I would move in slowly so to keep the mess under control. However, the most important thing I need is a table and I can't get either of my tables out of my current room at the moment due to boxes, piles and knitting machines...

Earlier in the week, I decided I wanted to make my own pattern block for rubbings. I found some old mountboard and was looking for some string, which, of course, is buried in the container with the contents of our old garage. However, our lovely builders came to the rescue with this wonderful thick blue string, which made a great block. I'm really pleased with the effect.

When I bought the Shiva paintstiks in Houston six months ago, I thought they were a huge extravagance for something that was fun, but that I would be unlikely to use regularly. How wrong I was! These paintstiks have been fabulous for adding the figures to my fabric and they are so easy to use.

So, whilst the rest of the country/world is celebrating the royal wedding, I am having a pleasurable day using my string block and paintstiks to add figures to some of my pieces for the Festival of Quilts. I'm certainly happy with this arrangement!

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