Sunday, 17 April 2011

How to continue making art during the school holidays

Our children's Easter holidays finished today... a week before Easter! They had two weeks off school and we have had a great home-based holiday.  There is a fabulous Science Festival on in Edinburgh, which kept them entertained for hours, full of hands-on things to try, including old fashioned photographic development.  I was really impressed by their results and desperate to have a go myself.  Unfortunately, only children were allowed.
To keep myself sane and to keep things moving with my artwork, I had to sneak in a bit of drawing when they were not looking.  These drawings were done in various parks whilst they were off jumping on and off roundabouts.  Obviously I should have been paying more attention when they went mud sliding on the grass at the Burrell Collection, but the drawing was going really well at that point...  I ended up having to buy the oldest one new trousers as we were on our way to the ballet and I didn't think that muddy jogging bottoms were appropriate.  Actually, I didn't think clean ones were either, but I'm not going to win every battle!
The ballet was Alice, a new one by Scottish Ballet in Glasgow.  I really enjoyed it.  The costumes were interesting, the set very clever and made me think about perspective and how I need to add it in my work.  The music was also very pleasant.
This weekend, I have been allowed some child-free time and have been rapidly machining another sample piece with figures and cutting a huge stencil.  I also was writing an article for Popular Patchwork on the Cindy Rennels collection of American patriotic quilts which I saw in Houston.  As it was a lovely day I was able to sit outside typing on my laptop.  Aren't they a great invention!

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