Thursday, 30 June 2011

ArtWorks Kids Exhibition

Last weekend, we held the second exhibition of art made at the Saturday morning art classes I run with Dawn.  When we got the boards out on the Friday evening to set it up, we were a bit worrried that there was not going to be enough work to fill them up.  We need not have been concerned.

We kept finding more and more work and had to make some tough decisions about what actually got shown as there was so many good pieces, we wanted to show it all.  In the final week of classes (although I am not meant to call them that as it puts some kids off!), we made folders and all of these were on display for visitors to look through, so even the work not on the walls could be seen.

I was really pleased at the variety of work: there was our 3D totem pole sculptures, textile faces, prints, pictures using sticky back plastic, others using found objects, charcoal, brown paper and tissue paper.  And then there was the pottery.  I am a sucker for pottery and I'm thrilled at how the pots turned out.  When I have some more time, I want to have a go myself!

Speaking of time, I haven't been writing much recently and it all seems to be about other people's work.  Well, I have been really busy with mine, especially as the Festival of Quilts seems to creep closer and closer.  I've got lots to show and will start revealing it soon...

There was a lovely write up of the exhibition in the local paper, the Stirling Observer, along with some nice photos.  I think there would have been over 70 people in attendance, which was a nice number and not bad for any art exhibition.  We had laid on a couple of activities that people could try out, just as the kids had done in class.  One of them was using straws, clay and silver foil to make little sculptures.  These got more and more elaborate as time went on.  R really got into it and made several, including a ski jumper about to take off (or crash land?) which is now on top of our piano.

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