Thursday, 14 July 2011

In progress figures

The Festival of Quilts is approaching at a very fast rate.  I now have every work in progress, with some basically complete and others which have a bit further to go.

Our annual holiday was curtailed a bit so I spent a week working at home whilst R played with the children on beaches in Northumbria.  The day I left to come back I had been on the beach at 6.30am with a four year old who refused to sleep.  It was beautiful, but I did feel incredibly guilty at leaving R to cope with this on his own.  Luckily she improved and I got a great weeks work down, making another four figure shapes as can be seen here underway.  Everything takes longer than I think it will - especially the pinning of all the fabric onto the shape.

The figures are all pieced and are now having details added to them.  My arms are permanently covered in oil paint and I am dashing into the studio for the odd ten minutes whilst the children entertain themselves - ten minutes seems to be the maximum without resorting to 'screen time'!

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