Saturday, 23 July 2011

Continuing the countdown to the Festival of Quilts

I think Unsung Muses has 18 pieces in all for the exhibition.  And yesterday, I finally completely and totally finished Figure 1.  Only 17 pieces left to go. 
That makes it sound like it is a complete fantasy that I will get it finished on time, but somehow, completing this one and seeing that it works, has actually quelled the butterflies that have been eating away at me for the past few weeks.  I’m heading towards serene... until one of the kids interrupts my stitching again and I’ll revert back to grumpy mummy.
Although I still have seventeen to complete, three only need hanging sleeves, one only needs three toes stitched and most of the others are near final stitching.  There are only two that are still a long way off.  When I put it like that it sounds easy!

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Oh my -- how wonderful! I didn't realize how large it was when I saw your earlier posting. Are you making all 18 the same size?! Wow!

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