Monday, 12 September 2011

Holmwood House

On Saturday, after the boys and I had been to art class (the kids made shelters out of cardboard for the clay models they had made the previous week and I spent much of my time being Dr. Gillian carrying out emergency surgery and glueing the models back together!), we went to visit Holmwood House in the southside of Glasgow. R's brother and sister-in-law were here for the weekend and as none of us had been there before it seemed like a nice trip out. I also had an ulterior motive as our Big Draw event this year has a Greek Thomson theme and Holmwood is one of the few Greek Thomson designed buildings you can visit. It was an interesting journey as the sign posting was almost none existent, however it was worth the effort.

Holmwood was built as a home for a paper manufacturer and it was a nice size for a house: not so big as to be unimaginable to live in it, but still lots bigger than homes today. The National Trust for Scotland is carrying out extensive research and conservation on the interior and you could see glimpses of the original decoration and patterning, all designed by Greek Thomson as well as the actual building. Unfortunately, you couldn't take photos of the interior, but these are some shots of the exterior.

The interior decoration featured lots of Greek style motifs and I'm sure we will be able to come up with some interesting ideas for the Big Draw. Personally, I found it all really inspiring and want to think about some of his designs for my own work, when I have time...!

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