Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cutting Through Time: Jeanette Sendler at the Collins Gallery

Whenever I have asked people about venues to show textile art in Scotland, th ere has only been one response: the Collins Gallery in Glasgow. Sadly, the University of Strathclyde has decided that whilst it can run non degree courses in painting and genealogy that my dad attends, running a world class gallery is not part of its remit.

Its final textile show is drawing to a close and I went to see it yesterday. It was well worth the visit. Jeanette Sendler is a German born artist who now lives in Scotland. Her practice is varied and in the past has made significant work involving felt. However, this group of work is based around the notions of pattern cutting and shaping for the body. The materials used were simple, giving an honesty to the work. The contrast of the calico to the light brown of the pattern paper was subtle and effective.

I particularly liked the wall mounted, ribbed pieces, which gave the impression they may fly off the wall at any moment and launch into the air. The multiple shadows were also enchanting, a by-product, I suspect, rather reminiscent of Caroline Broadhead's work of a number of years ago.

I have always enjoyed my visits to the Collins Gallery and the symposiums they have often run in conjunction with the shows, even if I haven't been able to attend them for a while as they always clash with the Saturday morning kids art class I run, which is a terrible shame given the exciting programme they had for the last one.  Change is inevitable, but it is sad when it seems a retrograde step like closing the best gallery in Scotland.


Margaret said...

It is indeed a pity...but I find myself wondering why the Glasgow School of Art, of which CRM was so much a part, hasn't developed something to show textiles, which were so important to him and his wife... Just a thought.

friedaquilter said...

A sad day indeed for all textile artists as well as for everyone interested in having world class galleries in Scotland. And so much expertise lost in the shape of Laura Hamilton, the curator!

Maggi said...

Sorry to hear about the gallery closure. Thank you for sharing the final exhibition with us though.

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