Monday, 27 February 2012

Recycled Denim Quilt

I am passionate about recycling and can get quite obsessive about making sure anything than can be recycled goes in the correct bins.  Before our local council recycled plastic, I used to save ours up and take it to the bins in another district.  Only when I was passing, of course, so I didn’t use up more energy driving than was saved in recycling the plastic.

So I have been saving up old jeans to make a quilt.  We go through a lot in our house.  The kids keep growing – fancy that!  And also the adult jeans get trashed crawling around on the floor with the kids.  So I’d cut them all into rectangles to make a quilt.  It took forever and frankly, I wouldn’t use the kids jeans again as there was little reward for all the effort.  However, I have finally finished the quilt.  It is made from different width strips and will make a decent single bed covering.  I like the subtle nature of the colours from the worn denim.  It reminds me of the sashiko exhibition I saw in York a number of years ago, which showed lots of different old Japanese work clothes being stitched together again and again.

I now have lots of little rectangles of denim left over.  Any ideas what I could make from them apart from cushions?


Margaret said...

I have friends who've used the back pockets of jeans to make slippers. More denim (layered) for the soles. You can use the "butt" (if still intact) to make a tote bag. Other ideas: tote bags from cut denim scraps; ditto for stuffed animals, and even a scarf (not for warmth but for decoration). Have fun!

Maggi said...

Gorgeous quilt. What about a bag. Jan (Jans Musings) has just posted about the one she made.

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