Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A break from the funding applications

Last week was our half term holiday and we went to York for a few days.  We almost went up north to the wilds of Scotland, but I chickened out, worried about what we would do if it rained.  York was great.  We visited loads of museums and galleries and the sun shone the whole time.
The highlight of the trip for me was a long awaited visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  It is a wonderful place, spread over a huge country park.  It was fun to explore finding new sculptures round corners, behind trees and as part of the landscape.
Barbara Hepworth at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I don’t know whether I was just more attune to art that day or whether it is my tastes changing, but I got very excited by the Barbara Hepworth sculptures; pieces that have never really interested in me in the past.  I loved the way they stacked up and how, although simple shapes, they looked different from each angle due to holes cut into and through them.  From a distance they looked sleek and smooth, but closer up the texture was more interesting
Barbara Hepworth at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

There was also a Miro exhibition on and again, I loved the simple shapes.  The associated children’s trail had pictures of household objects Miro had used as a basis for his sculptures and the kids had to find them in the exhibition.  It was a great way of keeping them entertained whilst we got to look at the artwork (the body of this one is based on an almond by the way!).
Joan Miro at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

So I would highly recommend the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – and we didn’t manage to see it all, so hopefully we can go back soon.  It is really exciting seeing artists in a different light.  Have your views changed on any artist recently?

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