Sunday, 4 November 2012

Big Draw in Balfron

Weaving Secrets at the 2012 Balfron Big Draw
Last weekend we held our third Big Draw event in Balfron.  This year’s theme was ‘2012 in lines’.  We had lots of different activities, from traditional drawing to less obvious interpretations. 

Weaving Secrets at the 2012 Balfron Big Draw

The mapping activity using masking tape on the floor was really popular with the children and we went through all our supplies of masking tape and some more!  The adults enjoyed extending out and altering some black and white photographs of Balfron.  Everyone seemed to like building 3D sculptures using paper straws and more masking tape.

Weaving Secrets at the 2012 Balfron Big Draw
Of course, we had to have a textile activity and we had ‘Weaving Secrets’.  I had dyed some fabric and torn it into strips.  We asked people to write a ‘secret’ on it and then weave it into the overall tapestry, leaving it up to them just how much or little of their secret they revealed.  The tapestry frame was made from a borrowed quilt frame from the Loch Lomond Quilt Show and Luci of eventsdecor had generously donated some fabric.

Weaving Secrets at the 2012 Balfron Big Draw

The finished result was really attractive, especially after I compressed it down to very small.  When I tied it off it wound up beautifully and I’m enjoying having it on the window ledge of my studio to admire.  Dawn, one of my fellow organisers of FAB, our local arts organisation, was suggesting we displayed it in the local library, but .... rather selfishly, I like it where it is!


Ruth Singer said...

Love it! what a great idea to weave the secrets.. I have done something similar with words written on Suffolk puffs before stitching them up.

Margaret said...

Gillian, you have given me a great idea for an Advent Quiet Day...a weaving of strips on which have been written prayers. Thank you!!!

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