Friday, 16 November 2012

Mags Ramsay's Rule the Waves?

A few months ago, I showed Mags Ramsay’s quilt as part of my review of the Festival of Quilts.   As photography is notoriously difficult at the Festival of Quilts due to the lighting, she kindly sent me a better image of ‘Rule the Waves?’.

Margaret Ramsay - Rule the Waves?

I have been rather remiss and am only just getting round to posting it on this blog.  I met Mags at a masterclass with Chunghie Lee at the Festival of Quilts a few years ago and I have been following her work ever since.

Margaret Ramsay - Rule the Waves? sample
Her work is lovely and she is very prolific given she also has a full time (and interesting) job.  She also writes a great blog, which is well worth a look if you don’t know it already.

Margaret Ramsay - Journal Quilt March 10

‘Rule the Waves?’ is a really clever use of indigo as you get a real sense of the sea and of the horizon.  She also has emphasised it by stitching in indigo colours using hand stitch. I also like the long narrow format, because the sea is so vast, you could never portray all of it and by concentrating on a section of it, you have a better sense of the whole.

Margaret Ramsay - Weymouth Waves

Mags kindly sent me some other images of related work, all of which is gorgeous.  ‘Weymouth Waves' is included in the SAQA regional exhibition ‘Wide Horizons II’.

Margaret Ramsay - Indigo Waves

Indigo must be an up and coming trend again as a number of people I know are beginning to work with it.  Ruth Higham and her group Threadlines are in the process of creating an entire exhibition based on indigo for the West End Festival in Glasgow and I’m going to visit them next week to find out more about it.



Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing this work, Gillian. I'm just starting samples for my C&G Level 2 final assessment piece, and Mag's stitching/quilting is of great interest to me (though I live on the Canadian Prairie, nowhere near the ocean!) I'm going to check out her blog, too. :-)

Gillian Cooper said...

Do look at her blog. It's a great insight into how she works and also I love to see where she has been visiting too!

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