Friday, 5 April 2013

European Art Quilts in Popular Patchwork

I love the exhibitions curated by European Art QuiltsFoundation.  The current one, EAQ VII, premiered at last summer’s Festival of Quilts.  Each time the choice of ‘quilts’ moves further and further towards textile art, or fine art textiles and that of course means I like it even more.

The variety of quilts in it is amazing as is the array of techniques used.  It was one part of the Festival of Quilts that visitors really lingered in; some examining the quilts trying to work out how they had been produced; others just enjoying the artistry. 

I had the privilege of writing about it for the April edition of Popular Patchwork and I am really pleased at how good it looks on the page as well as ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.

This first page shows quilts by Sarah Welsby (top) and Amelia Leigh.

Talking of the Festival of Quilts, I booked my flight to go to this year’s show last week.  Are you going this year?

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