Sunday, 21 April 2013

Out & About... with Solway Quilters

Thursday evening I was in Dumfries giving a talk to Solway Quilters about my ’37 steps’ project.  It was fun to revisit it again and it also made me realise that there is still some mileage in it.  I began to get excited about some of the concepts and starting imagery and think about how I could interpret them now as obviously my ideas and skills have moved on since then.  The group was lovely and seemed very appreciative.  It was a very pleasurable evening, especially after a three day migraine!

I was also thrilled as whilst I was doing a shameless plug for the PomPom Blossom Festival (I’m getting quite good as the shameless part!); the ladies presented me with seven fabric pompoms to add to the collection.  I was really touched.  Thank you!

I stayed in Dumfries on Thursday night (thank you Elma – your hospitality was fantastic) and on Friday was joined by eleven slightly nervous quilters and embroiderers for my workshop called ‘Unexpected Inspiration’.  They were all agreed they liked the supply list as it was all things they had already and no lugging a heavy sewing machine to another hall or worrying about whether they had the right fabric.  The flip side was they weren’t quite sure what to expect from a workshop for quilters without fabric!  They needn’t have worried as we all had a fabulous, fun day playing at finding inspiration by painting to music,

cutting up magazines,
drawing in strange ways and rolling dice.   I was really impressed by lots of the exciting ideas that were appearing. 
Everyone seemed to go home with at least one idea for a new quilt and promised to send photos of the finished items. 
I can’t wait to see them!

Do you have any fun ways of finding inspiration?

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