Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Out & About: Leeds Embroiderers Guild

detail of one of the 37 steps series
After spending the last few months barely leaving Balfron at all, I had my second trip away in eight days at the weekend, when I ventured even further down the M74 and across the border and the Pennines to Leeds Embroiderers’ Guild. I gave a talk about my career to date and they seemed to really enjoy it.  They were a very friendly and welcoming group.

one of the pieces in the Unsung Muses collection
It is rather pleasant for me to give this talk as it gives me a chance to dig out old work and reassess it – some stands the test of time better than other pieces!  And, as the talk gets updated each time I give it, I can get more selective about what work I show!  This time I took some of the 37 steps and some of my Unsung Muses pieces, as well as lots of images of other work.
After the talk, the sun had come out and I was able to take advantage of my brother-in-law’s fantastic garden for another PomPom photo shoot.  These lovely little balls are really taking over my life at the moment... as well as my house!



1 comment:

Sandy said...

Hi Gillian,
I just came across this idea for what to do with pompoms...maybe when it is all over?
Sandy in Bracknell

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