Monday, 27 January 2014

Another completed piece - for the SAQA Trunk Collection

Forgotten title by Gillian Cooper
I’m in shock – it’s only January and I’ve completed two pieces of work already this year.  Okay, the other one was a bit of cheat as I had done most of the work last year, and this one is only 7x10in, but still...

SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) has a call out for pieces this size for a Trunk Show, to let people see the full spectrum of the wonderful world of art quilting and all it encompasses. 

For this piece, I used some of the printed fabric I have been making and it is basically a sample for a bigger piece that is now underway.  It is rather time consuming as with only one screen, I can’t get many prints in one go (three to be precise) before I have to clean it, let it dry, re-ink, let it dry before printing again.  It may be a while before you see the large piece!

I sent it off last week to the States for the Trunk Show and before that spent ages pondering the title, which I promptly forgot and didn’t write down anywhere.  I’m now spending some time setting up a proper list of my artwork so I don’t do it again and so I don’t have to keep re-measuring everything every time I send off details of my work... oh to be organised!  Anyone got any good organisation ideas for me?


Maggi said...

Lovely piece for the Trunk Show. There was a discussion on the SAQA Yahoo site a while back about how people keep track of their pieces etc.

Daniela Dancelli said...

I like this piece for the Trunk Show.
I'm a italian quilter and Saqa member.

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