Monday, 13 January 2014

New work: Loops of Time

'Loops of Time' by Gillian Cooper
 I’m really excited today because for the first time in ages I’m able to share some completely finished work with you.  In fact it is so long since I entirely finished a piece, I don’t have a title for finished work for the blog heading!  I have ‘inspiration’; ‘in my studio’, but nothing for actually completed.  I’m not great at naming work, but I think that this is definitely ‘Loops of Time’.
'Loops of Time' (detail) by Gillian Cooper
This piece has been in progress many months as regular readers may know from the teaser photos I’ve posted.  All I needed to do on Friday was to hand stitch the hanging sleeves and check that it hung okay.  I’m really pleased with it, partly because I tried out some new ideas/techniques, but also because of the subject matter.  Although it may not look like it, it is a continuation of my ‘Unsung Muses’ series, but this time, rather than represent goddesses on the work, I have been playing with the faded patterns from some of the ancient sculptures and make them mine.  I have always loved patterning and get really frustrated on trips to old museums/ houses where there are postcards available of the artwork, but nothing about the amazing wood carved patterns in the ceiling etc.  So in this piece, I wanted to work only with patterns rather than full figures.  Although it comes from the ancient figures, I also feel it references music and I deliberately placed the front patterns with a sense of rhythm.   Hopefully that comes across.
'Loops of Time' (detail) by Gillian Cooper
Technically, for those interested in such matters, the fabrics are all hand-dyed, then over-painted in dye, acrylic and oils.  The background is fairly heavily quilted, with the four front pieces added on later.  They are stiffened with Vilene to keep their shape.  To give you a sense of the scale, it measures 42in (107cm) wide by 24in (61cm) high.

The piece is for sale (£500 if anyone has some spare cash!) and I will add it to my etsy store soon-ish.  My plan is to get my website sorted in January and then my selling sites sorted in February.

I’d love any feedback you have on this piece as it is something a bit different from what I have been working on.  Any comments gratefully received!  Also have you completed any work yet in 2014?


Margaret said...

There's a lot going on in this one, Gillian...colour, layers, symbols...well done!

Maggi said...

There is a lot of pattern in this piece and yet it has a simplicity about it. Interesting to see how the muses have moved you forwards.

Frieda Oxenham said...

I like those multiple layers of patterns. They enhance each other beautifully.

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