Friday, 28 February 2014

In my studio: on-going textile art work

work in progress. Gillian Cooper
So what I have been up to in the studio over the last week?
Work in progress. Gillian Cooper
It’s been a good week – fingers crossed, my adjusted migraine medication seems to be helping at the moment, so I could just bash on.  I’ve been concentrating on making, which is fun; giving myself permission not to do all the admin-y things I should be doing.  They’re still on my list, just delayed by a week.
Hand dyed and printed fabric detail

Of course, this doesn’t mean huge amounts of progress as the type of work I do is slow.  Very slow, but as the last post shows, when I try and do quick work, I don’t like the results, so it is back to slow and, hopefully, metaphorically if not in money terms, much more profitable.
Hand stitched panel with leaves in progress
I’ve also been getting advice, which is... interesting.  When I put the piece at the top up on the wall, one of the kids suggested to improve it to add a row of pre programmed stitched elephants.  The second said add more colour (it is meant to be muted).  I haven’t dared ask the third.  On the other hand, I felt that their choice of colours of threads for this hand stitched piece were more useful and I have gone with them.
Collaged background
Asking advice of the kids is probably quite useful, as it will never be what I expect and I am free to ignore it, even if they are a bit hurt that there are no elephants being added to the piece...  Who do you get your most useful advice from?


Maggi said...

It's always interesting to see snippets as you work.

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Maggi

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