Friday, 7 February 2014

Inspiration: the Sea

The sea at Craster, Northumberland
For the next project in the C&G course, I set the students the theme of the sea.  The sea is such a great topic, that you can hardly fail to be inspired by it.  There are waves, patterns on the sand, shells, rock pools, sea creatures, fishes, driftwood, mythical sulkies and mermaids, boats, etc.  I've asked the students to bring together a collection of sea related things and I can't wait to see what they bring.  This is some of what I've pulled together to show them.  

Some of our shell collection

Little pebbles from the beach

Sea pictures taken from magazines
Postcards of sea paintings
This is the trouble with teaching C&G - it distracts me from my own work as now I want to go and make sea related art, rather than what I'm working on at the moment!
Craster, Northumberland
I also found them a couple of useful blog posts - this one by Mai-Britt Axelsen on how she designed her container, which is the other part of the weekend. Secondly, I loved how Sandra Wyman developed her sea quilt from the workshop she took with Jo Budd.  You can see it here.  It is really useful to see how you can be 'inspired by' rather than having to slavishly copy what you see.
Do you find the sea inspiring?  Have you made any sea inspired work that I can recommend to the students?

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Frieda Oxenham said...

So much inspiration and these pictures alone make me want to pay a visit to the seaside. But I think I might wait till we have some sunshine!
By the way I always arrive early at the Thistle meetings to reserve a place for the car of the speaker by parking mine there so I will be looking out for your arrival next Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you.

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